Candid Botanicals

Candid Botanicals is a project that was started during 2020 on some very long walks. Plants have always been a very large part of my life, with my mother slowly expanding the garden to overtake the rest of the yard as I was growing up. I believe some of my first "real" photographs were of beautiful pink and white tuberous begonias on the front porch. Plants have always been a huge part of my life, but something clicked on those long walks in what I've come to call the modern day of victory gardens, and I realized I needed to give life to this thought. In 2022 I started Candid Botanicals as nothing more than a social media page with a goal to post a photo every day. A few weeks into posting my grandmother, the first photographer in the family, shyly asked me "...have you seen this 'Candid Botanicals' on the internet?" And I was able to very proudly tell her that yes, I have, and they're all my photos. I hope I make her proud.