Pricing & Packages

Standard Portraits

Lifestyle Pet Portraits
10 Completed Photos
Hour-long Photoshoot
30 Image Selection Gallery
Up to Two Animals


Adventure Portraits

25 Completed Photos
Two Hour-long Photoshoot
Two Locations
Time May be Split Among Animals and Days


The Tilly Project

End of Life Photo Session
30+ Completed Photos
Hour-long Photoshoot
Priority Sessions
All Family Members Included


How it Works

Book Your Photoshoot

-Fill out the "Contact Me" form to email me directly or message me on social media to get started

-We'll chat about your pooch, pricing, locations and what to expect

-If you decide you want to book, let me know and we can start planning your dog's next adventure!

Before The Session

-You'll receive our contract as well as a pet questionnaire to help us better acquaint with your furry friend

-We ask for the questionnaire a week prior to our session to allow for any adjustments needed

-Signed contract and session fees are due before the photoshoot

-You can print your own contract or I will provide one the day of the shoot

-Find your dogs best collar, favorite toy and stinkiest treats!

On The Day of

-Take your dog to the location early and take a quick walk so they're comfortable with the area

-Meet at the location and get your pooch used to the camera

-Photoshoot time! Take your dog on an amazing glorified walk

-After the shoot you'll pick your favorites from an online gallery and get them back within two or three weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my pet isn't a dog?

Well then, I'm sorry to have excluded you this long! Animals of every kind are welcome to book a photoshoot! Unfortunately, at this time, your pet will have to be able to venture into the outside world, but even your backyard is more than acceptable for most cats or small critters.
Or birds, reptiles, insects, invertebrates, etc... Did I miss any?

My dog is crazy.

That's okay, mine is too!

What if my dog can't be off leash?

Not a problem at all! In fact, most of the dogs (and cats!) I've photographed have actually been on-leash. Safety is always the number one priority, and a little bit of "Photoshop magic" can make any location available.

Does my dog have to be trained?

Any model's skill level is perfectly acceptable! Of course "sit and stay" would be nice if you know, a posed portrait of your dog sitting. But most of my favorite photos come from when the dog is running around crazy, truly being themselves!

What kind of collar should I bring?

Any clean, plain collar please! We can remove neutral colored collars and all leashes. However, if your pooch wants to make a statement with a bandana or sparkles, grab those too! Unfortunately, harnesses cannot be removed, so regular collars are much preferred, but not necessary if the harness is clean and well-fitting.

Should my dog be groomed?

It depends on the dog! If they get groomed regularly, we can easily schedule around that, but some dogs (like Ansel!) never end up going to the groomer. So for those dogs I would recommend a bath and brushing close to the photoshoot date.